vSphere 5.x: Errors installing ESXi 5.x

This is happening to many customers and it seems to be happening on several new models of servers typically most heard on IBM System x M4 series of servers and some Dell ones as well.

Did some internet searching however none gave much resolution but refer to resolution for white boxes.

These servers must be also be listed in VMware supported list of hardware here.

Below are the two common problems identified:

Problem 1

"Loading /imgpayld.tgz
Relocating the modules and starting the kernel..."
Make sure all firmware including BIOS is updated.  In this scenario, BIOS firmware was updated and installation was successful.  Seems like this was due to the UEFI used on IBM servers need to be updated.  Do find out from your respective vendor on the latest supported firmware.

Problem 2

"Loading /imgpayld.tgz
Multiboot could not setup the video subsystem.
Relocating the modules and starting the kernel..."
This is a strange error apparently, to solve this issue you would need to change the monitor/console display to one that support 1024 x 768 and your problem should be resolved.  It seems that ESXi 5.x require to output to at minimum resolution to install.  And I thought it was just plain text display.

Both problems were shared by our customers.  We learn this everyday however we need to share the experience to keep the communities growing.

Update 3 Nov 2012:
Mentioned Dell servers was instead some Dell Desktop which are not on HCL.  My apologies on this not stating this clearly.


Alex Siow said…
Hi Wee Kiong,

So far what are the Dell models facing problem 1?

Wee Kiong Tan said…
Hi Alex
My apology a further search it was referring to some Dell Desktop rather. I have made an update to this post.

Thanks for clarifying.
Alex Siow said…
Hi Wee Kiong,

Thanks for the update.

Jamin123 said…

I have 2 identical systems built, one systems has the error and the other does not. The problem was that I was using two different branded HDMI cables, once i swapped the HDMI cable from the working one to the non working one for a test, the error went away. For me i need to get a new HDMI cable. Hope thi helps someone.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Jamin123 - I had the video subsystem error and saw your reply. In my case I was using a DVI to VGA adapter. Once I switched to a real DVI cable, the problem went away.

-Mike of the Internet
Alex said…
in my case, installing an external video card helped