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VMware Thinapp IE8 on Windows 10 Build 1909

Recently, got a call from a colleague, Calvin Nguyen based in US. This customer encounter the same error that I have posted here previously. And apparently after testing, it requires the two DLL files mentioned the KB in my article.

He was using the VMware Thinapp 5.2.5 on Windows XP. But the latest 5.2.7 cannot be installed. A quick check on the release notes shows that VMware Thinapp 5.2.7 has support for Windows 10 build 1909.

If you have read, I did the IE 8 Thinapp packing in Windows XP. However, VMware Thinapp 5.2.7 is no longer supported to run on Windows XP. So how are we going to update the Thinapp packages that runs only in Windows XP if we need to update the build to the latest?

A quick workaround would be as below, we will use IE8 as an example:
Package your IE8 using a VMware Thinapp (in this case 5.2.5) that is supported on Windows XP and place the two DLLs from KB just in case.Follow this KB to use native view (thanks to Calvin)Install VMware Thinapp 5.2.7 on Windows 10.…

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