Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VMware Horizon Mirage Installation

Below is an video on how you can install and setup a VMware Horizon Mirage server.  Do note that this video was done using Mirage 3.6 SP1.  The installation does not change however the installation interface but differ just a little bit.

You may refer to the Administration Guide for the installation guide found here.

Please note that you can configure the server after all are installed instead of what I did in the video to have license imported before carrying on the installation of Mirage Server.

Make sure your Mirage Server do have enough space for storing the images and cache.  I have to do that in the middle of the video as I forgot about it.

The installation order should be as follows:
  1. Mirage Management Server
  2. Mirage Management Console
  3. Mirage Server
  4. Mirage Web Access (optional)
For SQL database, if you are using the default instance name, you do not have to fill in the sql instance name else you would hit an error.

If you are doing Windows upgrade migration from XP to 7, you would need the USMT 3.0.  Do note that Windows XP 64bit is not supported for migration.

All Mirage client would require Dot Net Framework.

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