Friday, April 26, 2013

VMware Data Protection (VDP) 5.1.10 Release!

As stated in my previous post,  there was a bug in the Vmware Data Protection (VDP) which was release with vSphere 5.1 in backing up Windows 2008 R2 OS VM.

As of today, a new release of VDP 5.1.10 is been release as stated here.  There are also some added enhancement which you can read about.  You may refer to the release notes here.

With this release, the VDR to VDP migration utility is now make available.  I would like to stress this again, the migration only migrate the data and restore points and NO backup jobs are migrated.  Backup jobs need to be recreated in VDP.  There is no migration utility in VDP Advanced.  The correct way is to migrate from VDR to VDP then to VDP Advance.

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