VMware vSAN 7.0 Technical Summary

With the release of VMware vSAN 7.0, a few new features are introduced. Some of which are release together with vSphere 7.0.

I will list all of them and refer to vSphere 7.0 if there are already mentioned.

vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM)
The new and shining armor will likely eventually replaced the vSphere Update Manager. This can update beyond just VMware software but include drivers and firmware of the Servers where vSAN sits on. At a start, the below servers are supported:
  • Dell 14G servers
  • Dell MX series
  • HPE 10G servers
  • HPE Synergy
vLCM will validated the firmware as per VMware HCL.

Native File Services
vSAN will provide support NFS v3 and v4.
Use case ideal for Cloud Native Applications, use of Block and File storage which previous for file would need to cater to another File Storage solution, and lastly maximize the use of spare capacity.

Then main attraction here is the vLCM which will handle all the upgrade and drivers and firmware together where no HCI today with the support of multiple server vendors can achieved today.

Together with vCenter Update Planner, you will even have a seamless upgrade of VMware software solutions that you are using.

Check out more of the features such as DRS aware stretched cluster, vSAN Witness Host replaced to name a few here.