VMworld 2019 Barcelona Summary

Here is a summary that was announced during VMware VMworld 2019 Barcelona.

As usual, the remind which was announced in VMworld 2019 US on VMware Tanzu hit the stage once again in Barcelona.

Here are the summary of what was announced:
  • VMware Workspace One delivers Day Zero Employee experience [news]
  • Workspace one for Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage the wide deployment of Windows 10 devices. [news] [article]
  • Project Maestro, VMware Telco Cloud Orchestrator across 4G and 5G [article] [news]
  • VMware new Security Solutions brings intrinsic security to the modern distributed enterprise [news] [NSX Distributed IPS/IDS]
At the same time, vRealize Network Insight 5.1 was released with support for assessment for VMC on AWS and NSX SD-WAN. It also includes Application Day 2 operations performance by observing the degrading in traffic. Check out more details here.


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