Tuesday, July 18, 2017

vRealize Suite with App Monitoring Clarification

Recently got into a requirement from a customer that a need for using vRealize Operations as a centralized monitoring and pulling in the metrics from other apps.  This would need to cover physical and VMware virtual environment.

The first thing that came to my mind was to use vSphere Enterprise Plus and utilize the old vRealize Operations Insight which comprises of vRealize Operations and Log Insight.  However, this bundle has EOA as stated here.

That was a bummer.  As cost is a big issue, we cannot just quote vCloud Suite (vCS) Enterprise where vRealize Operations Enterprise is provided and App Monitoring will be covered.  However, there are many components in it which my customer will not be using and cost does not justify it (though it would be nice for me :) but bad for my customer's pocket).

Just for those who ain't aware vCloud Suite just consists of vRealize Suite + vSphere Enterprise Plus.  The editions of vCloud Suite is in line with vRealize Suite.

So I took a look at vRealize Suite editions here.

Here you see that vRealize Operations Advanced was contained in all editions of vRealize Suite (vRS).  The only difference was the vRealize Operations Application Monitoring (Add-On).

Doing a quick check, there is such an Add-On for vRealize Suite Standard and Advanced Editions as stated in the fine print at the bottom of the diagram.

This solves my issue here.  In order for a customer who needs vRealize Operations Standard/Advanced and still requires App Monitoring, they can utilize vRealize Suite Standard/Advanced with the VMware vRealize Operations 6 Application Monitoring Add-On.  What this really does is enable vRealize Operations to Enterprise.

If you go to Blue Medora, and click on any of the applications management pack, in the requirement it would state requires vRealize Operations Enterprise.

That covers the virtual environment then you would ask what about physical environment?  Well, the good thing here is vCloud Suite consist of vRealize Suite.  vRealize Suite licensing is in Portable License Unit (PLU) which can be used in VMware virtual environment as per CPU or for the non-VMare environment (for my case physical servers) to 15 OSIs as documented last time here.

Given the flexibility, my customer can use vRealize Suite Standard for their physical environment and when they are ready to virtualize them, they can then convert it to CPU licensing due to the PLU flexibility.  Now I find this flexibility fit in very well.

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