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VMware Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over HTML5

With the announcement of Horizon 6.1.1 release, there are some new features added to Horizon solution.  Of the few, one of them is Application Remoting which now support over HTML5 browser.

I have that testing since Horizon 6.1 in a technical preview and was not able to show it.  With this release, it is now official so I shall go through some of the screenshot how this was done.

The setup is all similar is no complicated steps just an installation of an .exe binary on top of latest View 6.1 agent and the HTML access binary on the connection server.

After which you have the freedom of choice to use a Horizon Client or a HTML5 to access your desktop as well as Applications remoting.  The best part of this is there is no plugin needed for browser this not just keep the browser clean from any crashes which can be resulted as well as messing up browser performance and behaviour.

Using the Horizon Client this time, there are several improvement.  Remember when I mentioned in my previous po…

Unable to verify certificate for vCenter on Horizon View Connection Server

Recently during an outage of my host during to hardware issue in my home lab where my vCenter 6.0 sit on it, resulted some strange behaviour on my View Connection Server 6.1.  I encounter the below error message:

When I go to my Horizon View Dashboard, it looks fine.

When I try to remove the vCenter entry under the Server options and adding it back I end up with another error when trying to add the View Composer.
However this is not related to the strange behaviour above.  But rather this is due to my login did not contain a domain\username but instead of use just username.

Back to the strange behaviour.  It seems my connection to my vCenter via Connection Server has a sudden slowness and the certificate seems to be corrupted.  I tried to find a solution to replace the self-signed (in my case) certificate on my View Connection Server however in vain.  I tried removing the vCenter and re-adding it back, that does not help.

So I chanced upon some steps by our internal team and use it …