What's New in Horizon Mirage 4.4

In my previous posts on Horizon Mirage,
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You would have find some of the things like e.g. leaving blank for SQL server entry if you are using the default instance name.

Also Best Practice to upgrade Horizon Mirage can be found in a KB here.

In Horizon Mirage 4.4, you will enter the SQL server name without the SQL instance name if you have use the default instance name e.g. MSSQLSERVER (in this case it's call unnamed instance not sure why).  This is required as shown during installation of Horizon Mirage Management Server and Horizon Mirage Server as shown below:

In Horizon Mirage there are a few changes.   The main new added is the Edge server.  Now instead of placing your Mirage Server in the DMZ and be compromise with security attacks or require a need of using VPN, now you have a Edge server to handle that piece just like what in Horizon View Security server does in DMZ having a secure gateway.

So if that portion of Edge server, it mean you would need SSL connection.  So for all IIS related via web access in the past prior to Horizon Mirage 4.4, we were using HTTP, however from Horizon Mirage 4.4 onwards, HTTPS is used.  This was also mentioned in the Release Notes.

During my upgrade completion, I was not able to load any of the web access namely:
  • Web Access
    https://Explorer (URL can be changed in the Horizon Mirage Server)
  • Admin Web Access
    https://AdminExplorer (this is something new where administrator can search for any specific user/desktop)
  • Web Manager(Dashboard used by Web Help Desk & Web Protection Manager role)
So if you refer to Horizon Mirage 4.4 Installation guide, page 24, Configure IIS for SSL Support (in my case I am using self sign), you will have the web access pages loaded successfully.

Horizon Mirage 4.4 also include the Backup and restore of Windows 8 and 8.1 in a Disaster Recovery scenario.

Lastly, the option to only manage the migration of endpoints to Windows 7 without having to centralize the endpoint first before a migration saving time and storage space is useful especially for provisioning of new endpoint devices.

That's all for Horizon Mirage 4.4.  I cannot wait for the full administration web interface without need of MMC as well a centralize dashboard management when use with Horizon View, without having a separate administration console.


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