Thursday, April 3, 2014

vCenter Operations Manager Packs

I often been asked and also have to refer internally what does vCenter Operations Manager (vC Ops) support in terms of plugin or adapters to what 3rd parties functions or software (in this case they are call packs).

During a search recently, I realize VMware Solution Exchange contains all these plugins or adapters and I thought I should just share this.  For vC Ops, you can go directly here.  You will be entitled to these adapters (any licensing requirements please check with specific vendors) depending on the vC Ops editions you own.  For only Advanced and Enterprise would have some free adapters for use and is classified in the page.  For Advanced, other than Hyperic and AWS, most of the adapters are related to Storage performance metrics.

For Enterprise Edition, you will see more 3rd parties monitoring tools like SCOM, IBM Tivoli, TeamQuest, etc are available.  Also Enterprise Edition will be able to use Advanced adapters too.

A simple screenshot of the listed adapters below.  Head down to the page and discover what others adapters are available.

Go asked can MS SCOM monitor vSphere the other way around?  Why not check out Microsoft Store and see what is the focus area and you tell me if it can do that.  Guess you would have to use Google and find all the plugin provided by all other parties and manage that yourself.

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