Monday, October 7, 2013

VMware Certifications Promotion 2013

After the big event, VMworld 2013 at San Francisco and the coming Bacelona, there will be various events to carry on the information that was announced at the APAC regional vForum or VMware Solutions Symposium at individual APAC countries.

Other than the announcements and launches of new version and products, there is also promotion for certifications announced here.

I am going to take Singapore for example here where vForum 2013 will be held on 24th Oct where information of all the events are shown here.

For Singapore, you will be able to take the certification exams like the new associates exams with 50% off the price and as well as VCP and VCAP exams at 75% off the price as shown here.  One thing as a reminder, if you are taking exams that need authorization, you will still need to go through this process which I posted here.

The information on this page is rather confusing so here I am going to make a summary for easy understanding.

Exams can be taken from 11th Nov 2013 to 15th Nov 2013 at any test centers in Singapore and the discount code will NOT work if it is outside these dates.  You can also take the exam at VMware Singapore office on the vForum date if you choose the location as Suntec Tower 4 location and this ONLY possible on 24th Oct 2013 and not any dates outside with this location selected.

Here are the screenshots:

Choosing VMware Singapore office, it can only be done on 24th Oct 2013.

Using discount code outside 11th-15th Nov 2013 time frame received the below error.

Select dates within 11th-15th Nov 2013 with any exam center in Singapore will be successful applied with 50% discount.

Hope we will have more VCPs and VCAPs.  You will have a month to prepare so start the engine!

Update 7th Nov 2013
Apparently I have feedback on the booking system and now you can really take in VMware office now on those dates.
I didn't check back on the system so just to update if you choose VMware Singapore office as your test center, you will be offered 11th Nov to 15th Nov as the available dates. 

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