Friday, February 22, 2013

VCAP DCD Networking Brown Bag

Just got back from company kick off and haven't got the time to put in something new this month.  Hectic month for me.

Taking a step back and viewing what I have done so far, I realize I did some sharing on VCAP DCD on networking when I first passed my VCAP 4 DCD.

I almost forgot about this till someone approached me and this still stay very relevant till today irregardless of version as the fundamental should remain the same other than the new features added to networking in vSphere 5.  This brownbag can still be viewed here and with also some others related been done by my colleagues in other areas in storage, host design, etc.

I have thus completed my VCAP 5 DCD and DCA as well.

Though I am not a network expert in any field, I do like to highlight that the exam focus on your knowledge in terms of networking on vSphere and not particularly pertaining to any hardware in specific.

As much I have shared, it is tested on things that should work irregardless of type of hardware.  During the session, I did receive multiple questions pertaining to specific hardware make and model.  This was either answered or referred to other sources available provided by specific vendors.

I strongly suggest anyone thinking to do VCAP Design should read up the vSphere Design book.

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