Monday, September 5, 2011

vCenter 5 Web Client Server Installation and Configuration

Today will do an installation of the web client server on the vCenter.  I will also compare the vCenter 4.1 web access with the new web client access to see the improvement that was done.

Do note that the requirements for the web client access would require the following below.  I have also include the links to the offline package for Adobe Flash which many have problem locating it.

Internet Explorer 7,8
Mozilla Firefox 3.5, 3.6
Adobe Flash 10.2
Offline package for Latest Adobe Flash

1 Mar 2012 Update:
Alternatively, you can make use of the free vCenter vApp and used it as a web client.
Michael Webster has a post on the steps. 

You can install the web client on a separate Windows VM and it is able to register to multiple vCenters to enable the web client access to the respective registered vCenter when user points their browser to the web client server and select the vCenter from the drop down list. 

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