Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upgrade ESX/ESXi 4.x to ESXi 5.0 using Update Manager

This video will demostrate how to upgrade your ESXi or ESXi 4.x server to ESXi 5.0 using the Update Manager 5.0 plug-in on vCenter 5.0.  Procedures to upgrade your vCenter is in the previous post.

Tested with ESX 4.x and ESXi 4.x which has a local datastore with VM in it.  Both upgrade with VUM complete successfully with datastore still intact and VM still exist.

The only different is that, when you browse the local datastore which was upgraded from ESX 4.x, you will find the esxconsole folder in it which you would not see this if it was upgraded from an ESXi 4.x.

Local datastore from ESX 4.x

Local datastore from ESXi 4.x

Update: Test with local datastore to test if it will be removed.

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bayupw said...

Hi Kiong,
Did you host the ESXi on workstation?
I tried to simulate ESXi 4.x to 5.0 upgrade using VUM, but after the upgrade datastore is gone.
Datastore is using ESXi localdisk 4GB.
Are you using shared storage for this video?

Kiong said...

I host my ESXi on a nested VM in my vSphere 4.1 environment to do this video.

I have local disk of 15 GB size of and also shared a 2 x 50GB disk from openfiler to my ESX 4.

I am assuming you have local datastore that why the datastore is gone.

How much local disk datastore do you have before upgrading?

Kiong said...

you might have to check how you upgraded using VUM. I have tested with ESX and ESXi 4.x using VUM and both works ok and my VM is still on the datastore.

bayupw said...

Hi Kiong,
Thanks for the feedback!

One of my customer has small local datastore.
The datastore consists 1-2 VM (Nexus VSM, etc) while the other are on shared storage.
They plan to upgrade ESXi4U1 to ESXi5 and I need to make sure they are good to go.

I reviewed the vSphere Installation Setup Guide and see that the install location must be at least 5GB.
I increase the datastore to 10GB and simulate the upgrade once again.
Now I can see the local datastore after the upgrade.
So I suspect the local datastore was gone because I was simulating only with 4GB datastore.

Thanks for sharing. Keep updating your blog, I will be stopping by everytime you do ;)

KiOng said...

no prob Bayu.
the required scratch space is 4GB for ESXi 5.0. So yes you need to have that space. Never tried with the space given less though. That could be the reason.

Will only upate whenever time is possible. still gonna work though...

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