Friday, July 26, 2019

vExpert 2019 Second Half Results Announced

Congrats to the new vExpert 2019 second half applicants. The result has been announced here.

A total of 119 new vExpert 2019.

Congrats once again to those who have been accredited vExpert. Keep your community contribution going. For those who didn't make it, don't be despair. Start building that contribution and be ready for the application next year for vExpert 2020.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

VMware Configuration Maximum

One of the many documents that we always refer to for vSphere is the configuration maximum. Back in the days, I still remember VCP was tested on it.

Though this document is good to refer to, there are other components such as NSX, vRealize Operations, etc. that have a certain maximum that we would search high and low for it.

VMware has released a site that contains all these maximums information. Though this is not complete, this will be the single source of truth when you find that documentation might not be updated.

Not only do you get to see the maximum, but you can also even compare previous versions limits.

It is very easy to use, Just 1) Choose a product, 2) Select the version, 3) What type of maximum, you can choose more than one, 4) To display the limits.

Now head over to try it out.

Monday, July 8, 2019

VMUG Singapore Cloud Automation Services

You see it right. You hear it right. Its Cloud Automation Services that you will be seeing during this coming VMUG Singapore event on 17th Jul, Wed.

You will not only get to see Cloud Assembly Service but also how it integrates with Code Stream and Service Broker which was announced late last year. Find out more here. With that together, how you can easily provision and automate process into multiple public clouds and even to your on-prem private cloud easily. How developers can leverage infrastructure as code and perform the whole process of CI/CD.

But wait, this is not done just by anyone. You will be hearing from our Cloud Solution Strategist, Clement Wong. He has spoken at several events but recently invited as one of the speaker and panelist during GovTech Industry Briefing and StackX.

On top of that, we will also have our fellow Senior Technical Trainer, Habeeb Mohammed sharing on PKS Enterprise. Find out how you can easily manage, deploy and operate your containers workload.

So wait no further register for the event now!

vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT)

If you are not aware, there is a new tool announced during VMworld US 2019. That is the vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT). To access the sit...