Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Credit to VMware Certification

If you are not aware do read this blog by Ken Thacker.  This is going to be for the first time, VMware Education is opening up to the public, internationally to help craft its technical certification.

You get to be recognized though earning a badge like this.

I was lucky to be part of one of the Exam Items Workshop for VCP6.5-DCV.  It was an eye opener and also great commitment required.  For anyone who is keen on the above let me share with you what I went through in a short summary.

Exam Items Writing is a 5 days WebEx and phone call happening at night in Singapore time (for me) over 8 hours.  It starts from 9PM to 4AM my time.  It requires at least 6 people to start the process at any one time.  If anyone could not make it and need to fall out and the number in the team is less than 6, the work cannot carry on.

For the first night, it was introduction and briefing how to start and we break off from the call to start writing the questions after assigned the sections we are responsible for.  After we resumed our call, we were to go through the questions, first to qualify it to be suitable for the exam.  Second, making sure its suitable for a candidate who is taking the exam.  Lastly amendments to the question language as well as format and also amending it to make sure options are clear and make changes.  This requires everyone input in the call.

Over the 5 days, participants are to write the questions during the day and to review during the night (for my timezone).  A total of 250 questions was created during these 5 days.

That is just the beginning.  After which, the exam will go into standard setting process.  Those involved in the writing are not eligible to be part of standard setting.  Standard setting will require 2 days.

So now you know what is the effort involved, after signing up do remember to only choose to take part in any workshop when you can commit your time and effort else the purpose of producing a quality exams will be impacted somehow or another.

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