Saturday, February 6, 2016

VMware vExpert 2016 Award Announcement!

Once again congratulation to all new and renewed vExpert 2016.  This year we have 1360 awarded with this accreditation.  This is an increased from the first half awarded in 2015 of 754 posted last year.  Almost twice of growth.

This year if you have applied and did not see your name been awarded, you can actually write in as stated to to seek another round of clarity.  Perhaps it could have missed out.  I have been asked by some, this goes down to what did you justify yourself to be awarded this accreditation?  Application does not equal to award if you have not show any evidences of contribution e.g. active reply to discussion group, etc.

For those who are new to this award, this grants you discount to events like VMworld as well as meetup during VMworld if you are going.  There are definitely some benefits.

Many vendors will sponsor NFR licenses for their product and services for one year that inclusive of VMware products while some provide other like Polo T-shirts.  You will also be given a certificate at the end of the year for this award.

So far one of the best service received was from Ravello Systems who grants all vExpert 1000 CPU hours.  This helps many to build their own lab and experience the use of Cloud workload on Google/Amazon.

Once again congratulation to all new and existing once again and carry on your good work!  Keep it going and keep it up!

Update 23rd Aug
For vExpert 2016, do register for your free mug here by Catalogic Software.  If you are are going VMworld 2016 if not ask a friend or colleague who is to pick it up for you.

Update 18th Feb 2016
Ravello Systems has announced to extend 1000 vCPUs hours to all vExpert 2015 and 2016.  For those who have not heard or use, Ravello allows many to run their lab and testing without spending huge amount on equipment and run in your own place.

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