Thursday, February 4, 2016

VMware VCAP6 Design Beta Exams Available

Wasn't aware till my colleague mention about it here.  Design VCAP exams for the threes tracks namely: Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Management and Automation, Desktop and Mobility has been release.

You can register for the beta exams while seats last.  So if you are keen to do the VCAP6 for any tracks, head over to the page.  At the time of writing, only the Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Management Design is available at USD100.  The date for the exam starts on 15th Feb 2016 onwards.

You will of course need to meet the following requirements.  Using Data Center Virtualization VCAP6 as example, you will need:VCP6 or VCAP5 DCD/DCA.

Upon passing, you will be granted VCAP6-DCD and if you are holding existing VCAP5-DCA, you will be also given VCIX6-DCV if the new certification roadmap announced earlier still applies.

I will head over and register for it and update once again after I taken the exam.  Wish me luck!

Update 8th Feb 2016
Apparently the seats for all VCAP-DCD has been taken up and only left with VCAP-CMA.  Those who have gotten authorization but have yet to booked the exam date has since removed from their authorization from booking from what I know from one of my colleague.

Update 16th Feb 2016
Just finish my VCAP6-DCV Design beta.  Personally I felt the exam is much refine better than before including the system much smoother and stable.  I have wrote all my comments into the questions that have language or contradicting statement.  However this has greatly reduced.  I even managed to finish all 31 questions and reviewed all my questions one time round and left with lots of time.  I very directed into design which I much felt and appreciate that VMware finally got this right not to go into things that are not to be tested in a design e.g. number of limit maximum, etc.  The exam contain a mixed of design and drag/drop questions.  I have a total of 10 design questions but am not sure if this is a fixed or random till a GA of the exam blueprint may state.  Now is to wait for the results.

Update 18th Feb 2016
Apparently I read others who have taken the VCAP6-DCV Design exam and the number of design questions varies.  So this really depend on luck.  I personally prefer to do the design questions as they are more practical to real life experience.

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