Wednesday, September 9, 2015

VMware OEM Technical Support

Often come across this confusion between VMware License and VMware OEM License.  I wrote previously here the use of Open and OEM where VMware OEM license is some what different from other software OEM license e.g. Microsoft.

Now what about support.  What do you get from VMware OEM license support?  Here is an article from VMware and an uploaded copy here.

For VMware Support, you will contact VMware Support hotline or via myVMware license portal to seek for support request.  Level 1 to Level 3 support will come direct from VMware.

For VMware OEM Support, you will contact through respective OEM partner support center route.  You can refer to Page 7-8 of the above document, you can see that Level 1 and 2 will be provided by the OEM partner and ownership is by the partner.

Upon required the need of a Level 3 support, will it route to VMware Support as extracted the statement from the document.  At Level 3, the communication is only between customer and OEM partner support.  OEM partner will be the medium to communicate the two way communication between customer and VMware Level 3 Support.

"During Level 3 support interactions, the OEM Partner is responsible for managing the support relationship and ongoing communication with the customer including, requests by the customer for escalation"

Hope this clear up some of the questions the difference between both Support types.  The document also detailed other information like Severity, and more.

Which support would be your next question you should purchased?  This depends on your need and budget.  OEM support always comes at an attractive price with OEM License together.  If the lead time is acceptable and you are comfortable with the route of support arrangement, it is definitely OEM.  Time where direct support and lowest lead time is required its best to have a direct VMware Support.

Can you then mixed different type of licenses in an environment?  Advice is not to.  You might end up with different support.  Imagine logging a case with VMware and halfway down to see that other hosts are licensed via OEM, you just make troubleshooting difficult as that will not be covered.  Don't make your life difficult savibg a few bucks.

FAQ based on the document above

I have VMware OEM license from "A", can I log a VMware Support?
Yes via "A" partner support center contact.

Who will provide me VMware Support for OEM license?
The OEM partner will provide Level 1 and 2 support directly.

How will VMware Support comes in?
When issues cannot be resolve through OEM partner Level 1 and 2 support, OEM partner support will engaged VMware Level 3 support.  VMware Support will liaise directly with OEM Partner support who follow up customer who log the call.

Can I speak to a VMware Support staff directly calling OEM partner support route?
All communication will be through OEM partner support.

In what situation can I have direct support and use VMware hotline to raise a support ticket?
When you own VMware Open license and with valid Subscription and Support.

How long will OEM partner get back from VMware support if it has escalated to Level 3?
It depends as there are lead time between OEM Partner and VMware Support as well as the lead time from OEM partner to customer.

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