Friday, February 6, 2015

Announced of VMware vExpert 2015

For those who are not aware, the application for vExpert 2015 started in November 2014 and today it was announced.  A total of 1028 individuals this time!  That was a big increased from last year 754 at the start of 2014 and 581 from 2013.

For those who are new to vExpert, you can follow the update that are entitled to you throughout the year and posted in this community page log into based on your email ID.  Many vendors each with their respective way to reward vExpert either via a NFR use their product or a free T-shirt.

For those who have missed the application, this year however there were no news of quarterly application mentioned like last year.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work and carry on the contribution you have been doing to be rewarded this accreditation year after year.

Once again, congratulation to all individuals. Keep it going!

If you missed it, do check out the next application date, which has yet to be announced.

Some benefits listed below:

  • You will receive an email for your access to the community page and a logo will be created for your use.
  • A certificate will also be posted later stage based on year for your accreditation.
  • A few listed in the source here.
  • PluralSignal a year of subscription of all online courses which I highly recommend.  For the rest of the NFR software licenses, it will be based on your needs and requirements and many can be announced here.
  • Ravello Systems provide 1000 free CPU hours per month for vExpert 2015.  Sign up here.
  • Free Polo from DataGravity.

Update 29th Jul 2015:
DataGravity offer free Nike Golf Polo (I guessed similar to last year Tintri) in black or blue with customization to your twitter handler and/or number of years as vExpert.

Update 21st May 2015:
Ravello Systems benefit for vExpert 2015.

Update 9th May 2015:
Tintri as always have contributed once again with rewarding to all vExpert a nice customize Polo.  Make your order here.

Update 28th Feb 2015:
The vExpert 2015 round 2 application is live!  Head to the form if you have missed the first round.

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