Friday, March 7, 2014

VSAN Officially Announced!

Yes the official announcement for VSAN has been made.  I was not able to catch as it was 2am Singapore time.  However you can watch the launch recorded video here.  

You can read about the release notes here. Do note of a known error which some might encounter when enable VSAN without any disk group and after removal the error message remain persistent.  I admit many like myself so not read release notes.
Error Message:
"vsan datastore datastore1 in cluster **** in datacenter **** does not have capacity"

Cormac Hogan has also did a summary of the launched which is pretty lots of supported feature beyond what was release in beta.  E.g. from 8 nodes to 32 nodes and from 120,000 IOPS to 2 Million IOPS.  Vicardo has done upa nice table here on comparison.  David Hill has a very long table of limit for Public Beta here which I made some correction in my table below:

Public Beta
Minimum nodes
Minimum SSD
Minimum MD
Maximum number of disk stripes
Maximum number of failures tolerated
No of VSAN hosts per Cluster
Max number of IOPS
Max number of Parallel vMotion per VSAN cluster
Max number of Parallel SvMotion per VSAN cluster
Max number of VMs per host
Max number of VMs per (evenly distributed) VSAN cluster
3200 (2048 protected by HA)*
Max number of disk groups per host
Max number of hard disks per disk group
Max VSAN Size
1.1 PB
4.4 PB
Max components per node
Max size per component

*Duncan has a post on the HA limit per datastore mentioned of why 2048 VMs are protected here.

Note: You would need vSphere 5.5. Update 1 to use VSAN.

The VSAN sizing guide is also been release here.  During pubic beta the recommend sizing was 1:10 between SSD and MD.  On GA, based VSAN sizing guide, its now 10% of total utilized space.

The Register has also wrote on the launch with its view here.   Though the official GA where it is available for download would be on 10th Mar (US date), the pricelist is suppose to release next week but seems like there are lots of sources by The Register here.

VMware have also release the hardware compatibility list here with more vendors support other than Dell in the public beta only.

This will be very exciting moving forward.

Update 7th Mar 2014
Public Beta and GA table and sizing guide.

Update 10th Mar 2014
Refer to Section 1.4.5 page 8 of sizing guide.
  • Use SD, USB, or hard disk devices as the installation media whenever ESXi hosts are configured with as much as 512GB memory. 
  • Use a separate magnetic disk or solid-state disk as the installation device whenever ESXi hosts are configured with more than 512GB memory.
Update 12th Mar 2014
  • VSAN What's New Technical White Paper here.
  • VSAN Quick Monitoring and Reference Guide here.
  • POC Guide for VSAN here.
  • VSAN GA binary is now publicly available.  You can find it here with ESXi 5.5 Update 1 and vCenter 5.5 Update 1 as well as Horizon View 5.3.1 which is a maintenance update to support VSAN which would need vSphere 5.5. Update 1.
Update 13th Mar 2014
  • Advanced setting requirement to all hosts for VSAN node exceeding 16.  Refer to KB2073930.  William Lum from VMware has document this why it is needed on his blog.
  • VSAN Ready nodes will be ready in the next 30 days time as stated here. Currently you will only see Dell.  IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu and Supermicro will on board next.
Update 19th Mar 2014
  • Added in release notes which a known error on VSAN commonly encountered.
  • AHCI is currently not supported at GA though it was supported for a short period of time during the beta refresh. This was documented during the public beta here, which refer to a live document which was last updated after a beta refresh here, however AHCI is remove of support at GA build which you can check back at HCL site to be updated of support or wait for a release notes in next release.

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