Sunday, March 9, 2014

An Exclusive Event by SolidFire with a Token

There are many benefits for just been a VMware vExpert.  As previously posted on some of the benefits for vExpert 2013, here is another one provided by SolidFire.  SolidFire will be conducting a exclusive event for the vExpert community on a technical discussion and a demo of their product.

A little summary of SolidFire, they are a not a new player since started in 2009 which specialize in Scale-Out all flash array storage.  With support from big databases to VDI workloads as well as Cloud virtualization including VMware and Openstack.

While the vExpert 2014 is still in the midst of finalising, those who are vExpert 2013 will be able to register for this event using their registered email ID.  On top of that as a token of appreciation, all vExperts that register and attend the session will receive a free Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.

So what are you waiting for, login using your ID here and register for the event here.

Detail of the event:

Title: Hypervisor & Storage QoS; Two great tastes that taste great together
Time: Thursday, April 17th at 9am PST - Invites will be send via email
Presenter: Adam Carter, Director of Product Management, SolidFire
Abstract: Implementing a storage QoS mechanism at the hypervisor, without similar enforcement at the storage level, does not completely address the challenges imposed in a multi-application infrastructure. In this deep dive with the vExpert community, the SolidFire team will discuss the key attributes of their scale-out block storage architecture that allow administrators to achieve volume-level QoS regardless of operating condition across their shared storage infrastructure. As part of this discussion, SolidFire will preview ongoing development efforts intended to create a tighter API-based integration between the hypervisor and storage systems through advanced SIOC integration and the VVOLs API program.
For those like me who is in Asia, the time will be somewhere near midnight.  Those in Singapore the time for this event will be on 18th April 12am.

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