Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Java 1.7 Update 51 Error Alert

I am writing this for anyone who is facing a Java issue after updating to 1.7 Update 51.  With this release, there is a security check on all Java site and if it does not contain any certificate or self signed, it will not load the page or load with error.  Refer to the release notes.

This affect Mac as well as Windows.  The resolution is to go to the Java Console
For Windows user, go to Control Panel>Java
For Mac user, go to System Preferences>Java

Enter the website that you are access to or loading Java, under the Security Tab.  Remember to add in https:// for the site your are accessing to.

This affects not just VMware solutions but also Citrix as well as VPN client that uses Java.

Hope this resolve your error.
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