Monday, June 10, 2013

What's New VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2

Finally got hold of sometimes after work to do this.  Downloaded the VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2 binary.

On referring to the guide, there are additional component this time round which is the Web Management dashboard which will eventually replace the need for the Windows Management Console MMC which Horizon Mirage uses.

I did an upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.2 and the upgrade process is still the same which is located in Page 266, Mirage Administrator's Guide.

Uninstall the Horizon Mirage in the following order:
  1. Web Access (If you install this components)
  2. Mirage Server
  3. Mirage Management Console
  4. Mirage Management Server
Install Horizon Mirage 4.2:
  1. Mirage Management Server
  2. Mirage Management Console
  3. Mirage Server
  4. Web Access (if you wants to allow user to access their files via file portal)
  5. Web Management
Do note that Web Management requires Dot Net 4.0 which you can download the standalone here.  Also note that browsers supported are Chrome, Firefox, IE 9 and 10.

After setting up I was unable to locate the information on how to access the web management dashboard.  Luckily I was able to find this out from one of the VMware engineer.  It is actually stated on page 3 of the Web Manager Guide which may not be that clear.

Horizon Mirage Web URLs
  • Web Access
    http://<hostname>/Explorer (URL can be changed in the Horizon Mirage Server
  • Admin Web Access
    http://<hostname>/AdminExplorer (this is something new where administrator can search for any specific user/desktop)
  • Web Manager(Dashboard used by Web Help Desk & Web Protection Manager role)

There is a Admin Web Access added.  This is useful for any administrator who needs to search for a specific user or desktop and access the backup files.

Below is a video to have a look on the new features on Mirage 4.2.

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