Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

Happen to be invited for a private Facebook fan event where 6 of us were invited.  It was a privilege so will just head to the review.  You can read about the technical specification here which I would go in details.  There is a review on the build which I never get to test it which you can view here.  So far I still like my ASUS Transformer TF101.  The build was solid and the price then was also good.

The brochure I receive on arrival.

The familiar Samsung brochure from all the Galaxy series.

The tablet on the table.  This is the white set that was presented to us on the day.  Just like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it look just the same of the cause with just one different the S Pen which uses special touch technology from Wacom to be more precise than styluses for the iPad or iPhone.  This also add cost to the tablet which typically one Wacom writing pad would cost  you a price.

The display is a bit reflective and if you asked yes its using TFT instead of AMOLED display.  Yes a bit disappointed but to keep the cost low that is how it was matched. Resolution at 1280 x 800 can be put higher though.

I like the part where the speakers are facing you so I can hear the sound.  Used to own a tablet which the speakers are pointing to the sides.

 The S Note has also improve with a pre-draw pad to test out the type of brush and colours before you even used it.

Yes one of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the split screen.  So you can split screen with any of the 6 embedded applications (not installed by yourself though) namely Browser, Polaris Office, S-Note, Video Player, Gallery and Email which you can see here below after I open the browser and if I choose Multi-screen feature, the other 5 apps are listed.  Do note that you cannot have two of the same app opened side by side.
 With this feature you can basically crop a image from a site and paste into a e.g. Word document in Polaris Office as show below:

The other cool features are like what is available in S3 or Galaxy Note ICS is the pop up play with one additional function: resize of the pop  up play video.  Also of cause the preview of all the video thumbnails just like S3.

One thing was there are three layout of the keyboard.  The full qwerty keyboard, a small qwerty floating keyboard which you can drag around the screen.  Especially useful when using the split screen and a thumb keyboard.  Similar to the same app that you can find on Google Play but this is fixed you cant customize the keyboard style.

From the top, you see the Power Button, Volume, MicroSD card slot, IR, ear jack and the SIM card compartment.  Yes it is using a standard size SIM card not micro SIM.  The ear piece have to be long to go via the back else it would have to go from the front when you are viewing the screen and obstruct your viewing.

The bottom is the typical 30pins jack on most Samsung Tablets or can I say all.  Not any micro USB for sure.

So what I like and what I do not like about this product?

Quad core processor so faster multitasking
2GB Memory, enough for more applications used
split screen, allow for quick work instead of switch between apps
S-Pen as just like Galaxy Note I am usin
Different type of keyboard especially thumb keyboard

TFT screen, AMOLED would be good for power saving
Resolution 1280 x 800, could have been higher
Split screen only available for inbuild 6 apps
Side bar cannot be relaunch after closing it only way to put in your S-Pen and take it out agai
No NFC so can't share with any phone with NFC
Not LTE but 3
Pricey, cost could be on the Wacom writing technology, Adobe Photoshop Touch
From other review they stated bad charging time.

Price is 16GB with 3G for SGD998 list price.  Will I get it?  Maybe with a 2 year contract if the price is right.

Update based on Comex 2012 pricelist:
The price at the Teleco are as follows for a subscription with 2years contract
SingTel $498 monthly $40 plan
StarHub $438 monthly $41.30
M1 $598 monthly $40


Anonymous said...

Asus Transformer and this looks comparable. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I do like the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

KiOng said...

If TFT700 has a 3G model that would be great. I like the build and material of everything on ASUS. In fact their OS update is also faster and they do not use heavy interface. The thing about note 10.1 would be the S Pen. Costly due to the Wacom feature.

mahasiswa teladan said...

hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

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