Tuesday, June 19, 2012

vSphere: Extending a EagerZeroedThick Disk

I chanced upon this post from VMware on extending a EagerZeroedThick disk.  I decide to test this out to confirm.  Below is a video of my test and from the test I also discovered something different in the command, vmkfstools versus the GUI in terms of extending a disk.

The followings are assured and discovered:
  • Extend of disk in GUI do not perform will not be in EagerZeroedThick.
  • Extend of disk via vmkfstools new disk size will not be updated on the GUI.
  • Extend for EagerZeroedThick can only be done via vmkfstools.
  • The extend option in vmkfstools disk size (#) MUST be the size after extension.
    vmkfstools -X #[gGmMkK]
  • Disk format ZeroedThick only works in disk creation but no in extend.
    vmkfstools -c #[gGmMkK] -d zeroedthick
    vmkfstools -X #[gGmMkK] -d zeroedthick <---- doesn't require disk format for LazyZeroed

Operation considerations:
  • If you need to extend a EagerZeroedThick disk, use vmkfstools.
  • If possible, remove and re-add the disk back to the VM for the updated size if extend is done using vmkfstools.

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