Monday, November 21, 2011

ThinApp: OptimizeFor

I came across this blog posting on using the variable optimizeFor to be place in which place holder in package.ini.  Is it in [Compression] or is it in [BuildOptions].

From ThinApp 4.6.1 Manual, page 85, as refer to the comments, it clearly stated it can be placed in either place holders.  However the VMware blog itself is stating otherwise that it was an error made and it must be place in [Compression] place holder.  There was no one commenting further.

On the launch of ThinApp 4.7, I refer to the ThinApp 4.7 Package.ini Parameters Package guide, on Page 48, the scenario given this time was place it in [BuildOptions] place holder.

This got me very curious.  Is this a mistake brought over from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 and to 4.7 on the document or did the this blog make a mistake?

So I decide to run this on thinapp 4.7 and try it out.  The results:
OptimizedFor=Memory for both [Compression] and [BuildOptions] as from the windows path I saved in.

The results?  Its either place holder and it will work!

For those who are not clear on this variable, OptimizeFor=Memory, what it does, it has all the files in uncompressed format for for memory performance on loading which reduce the start up time.

As for OptimizeFor=disk, it is instructing ThinApp to do disk space saving.  In such, less disk space is used which means a compressed format is used and in such performance on memory will not be as good as it will first uncompress before loading it the app increasing the start up time.

Update 1:  It also works on ThinApp 4.6.2

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