Thursday, October 27, 2011

VDCA410 Passed!

Today I have just received my results for my VCAP-DCA.
I opened my email

 I clicked to open that attached Exam Score Report

and I passed this time round!  I am not proud of the score.

I was pretty worried as after my examination, I discover I did several stupid things at my lab and one of which did not record down my results which means I have zero marks for it.  Instead of dumping the results to a file I actually missed out just one character and dump to screen and I proceed with the next task.

This is a very important lesson learned.

Needless say, though I did not score very well but a pass is a pass that was what was once told to me by a VCDX.I wish those who are doing the exam good luck and practice well.  Try to keep a cool mind and not be too anxious like myself.

Receive my email notification of my certification and I am VCAPDCA-464.
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