Wednesday, September 14, 2011

VCP 510 Passed!

Just passed my VCP 5 today.  Didn't score really well but a pass is a pass!

Before my start sharing my experience, I will answer to many who question how to be certified.  In order to be certified, you would need to take the vSphere x: Install, Configure and Manage course and the exam.  Completing either of which will not make you certified.  If your course is on vSphere 4, you would need to take the VCP 410 exam and VCP 510.  It has to be the same.

VMware always introduce a What's New course for the previous VCP to attend in order to take the next VCP exam.  However promotion period will always be there so this allow previous VCP to be able to just take the new VCP exam without having to attend the What's New course.  After the promotion period, previous VCP will need to take the What's New course before attempting the exam.

Now to my experience. One thing I must comment is the exam no longer test you on memorizing work e.g. in VCP3, VCP4 which did test you on the configure maximums.  Please do not ask me for any of the questions, just like any other exams, there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) you have to accept.

Though this is good it also make the exam more tough as technically wise it has gone way deep.  It test you on day to day administration and troubleshooting as well as identifying performance issue.

As a consultant, I am at the all losing end having that administration was not my day to day job.  I only implement on best practice and once I stop touching it on the hands on level, I tends to forget about the default settings and often need to revert back.

The exam is close to VCAP-DCA (which I failed) I must say but in multiple choice form so you still have a 50-50 to get it right.  This exam has made it more valuable and prestige.

What got me through.
  • Setup a vSphere 5 Lab at home and practice though I didn't spend much time other than doing those recording in my youtube channel.
  • Read the bluerpint go through what you are unsure of and also the terms used.
  • Go through the VTSP5 online modules (helps for new features only).
Those who are keen to go VCP5, I encourage you not to go in there without the above tasks done unless you have in-depth experience in vSphere 4 administration (which will cover you about 80%) and know the new features in vSphere 5 do.

To be honest I did refer to dumbs when I first touch VMware back in 2008 for my VCP310 which I failed on my first attempt.  However for VCP510, I went in without second thought and I only did my studies in the night before!

Study and practice well, drop the dumps they are useless (have gone through a recent dump release after my exam, out of 400+ questions and less than 5 are accurate).

Good Luck everyone!

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