Saturday, April 2, 2011

VCAP4-DCD Experience

Yes I have passed my VMware Certified Professional 4 in Data Center Design on 31st Mar 2011.  You will get you result immediately unlike VCAP-DCA.

Talk to people who have passed the beta exam and got to do my last minute reading up for things I might have missed out.

The blueprint is a must to follow. If you must attend a course, go for the VMware vSphere: Design Workshop [V4x]. It provided me an insight of the things I might have missed out during implementation. Blogs like Sean Crookston is a good place to get all your guide at once.

Luckily for me, I was did some switches configuration and thus it helped me understand much more on the switches portion.

Yes you need to understand not just on VMware switches concept but in real work ones as well. And of course not forgetting storage.

The drag and drop questions are like other typical IT exams where you are given some selection to place them in order or use some of the selection or not all.

The design questions are slightly tougher as you need time to get use to add the objects. Also the questions sometime are just not clear enough in such, I do not know what to do to design certain portion of it.

Receive my email notification and I am VCAPDCD-236.

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