Monday, October 29, 2018

vForum 2018 Online

Missed the vForum locally in your country especially the one in Singapore? No worries, there is still a chance to attend some of the tracks and win some gifts for yourself.

Check out the events that are coming up this week here. Don't miss out and chat with the expert and get your questions answered.

Still not sure whether you can make it? Register first, and attend the sessions you are available to join.

What are you waiting for?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

vExpert Pro What is it?

Something new just starts out from VMware Palo Alto. There is a new twitter handler, VMware vExpert Pro. It just posted something a few hours ago.

We know what is a vExpert program. If you do not do check out here. The vExpert came a long way from a general vExpert to now another three more tracks namely: vSAN NSX, Cloud and now Pro.

So what is really vExpert Pro? This is someone volunteered in the individual country as a vExpert recruiter. So how is the person been selected? A short requirement is as below:

A current vExpert who excels in their local region, adding value to the program and giving back to the community. This person has a strong relationship with the local IT community in general, and works as an advocate to the vExpert program, recruiting, mentoring and training people.

I am fortunate to be selected out of the many vExperts in Singapore. Not because I am an employee in VMware (initially information was sent to my personal email and the program team from VMware wasn't aware I am working in VMware) but because of my contribution thus far.

Check out the announcement here.

For those in Singapore, if you are interested in becoming a vExpert, do not hesitate to contact me. I can guide you through. With commitment and effort, you will eventually be rewarded.

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