Tuesday, December 26, 2017

App Volumes Connection

Recently done a few Horizon Proof of Concept and encounter a connection issue with App Volumes.
Here is how I resolve the error message from App Volume agent "Virtualization is disabled".

Do note that this is based on version 2.12.

This error message encounter when your App Volumes agent is not able to communicate with App Volumes Manager.

During installation for the agent and manager, you can choose whether secure or not connection. You MUST choose the same type of connection. However if you have done this incorrectly, this is the problem that is often the problem.

Here will show you how you can first confirm the type of the connection are the same between the manager and agent, and change it if it is not.

To check if the SSL is enabled on the agent, head over to the VM that has agent installed, follow the instruction stated here.

For App Volumes manager, this is not as straightforward.
Refer to this document.

If you want to disable the secure connection, make sure you have the text paste in the file as documented above.

If you are using a self-signed certificate in a default installation and want to enable secure connection after installation on HTTP, you can follow this KB.

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