Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Questions on vSphere Enterprise Edition

Recently, I get a lot of questions regarding vSphere Enterprise Edition and some confusion around it.

The reason of these questions because VMware announced the end of availability (EOA) of vSphere Enterprise Edition on 9th Feb.  What this means that if you want to purchase vSphere Enterprise, this will no longer be available, you are left with only 3 options; vSphere Standard, vSphere Enterprise Plus or vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus (vSOM) (excluding all those small kits e.g. vSphere Essentials, etc.).

What will happen to vSphere Enterprise in terms of support?
Support will still be valid until March 2020 as long support and maintenance is still valid.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my existing vSphere Enterprise to a valid edition?
You can only upgrade but not downgrade.  In this case, you can only move up to vSphere Enterprise Plus or vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus (vSOM).

Am currently on vSphere 6.0 Enterprise or below, can I still upgrade to 6.5 since there is not Enterprise Edition?
Yes, you can still upgrade your license in the license portal as long you are on valid subscription.  What you will get is vSphere 6.5 Enterprise Edition.  Although this edition is not sold, for existing customer that perform an upgrade, they will still see this edition.

Moving forward if I purchase new vSphere, it will be of a different edition, can I mix them in the same cluster?
You can mix different editions of vSphere in the same cluster. However, the lowest edition features will be used.  It is always strongly recommended to have the same edition in the same cluster to avoid losing features or have issues due to mixed of editions.

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