Thursday, August 31, 2017

VMWorld 2017 Updates

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Day 1

VMware Cloud on AWS
It is now LIVE!

Beyond what NSX provide you with micro-segmentation, today with AppDefense you will be able to identify and realize misbehavior in your VM and action on them if you have NSX for distributed enforcement.

NSX-T 2.0
Extension of supporting VM and containers alike and AWS workloads.  Ability to support vSphere and KVM.

OpenStack 4.0
Multiple vCenter Servers and containers support is one of the key release feature.

Simplified Management of VMware Cloud on AWS with vRealize Operations
Extend ability to use vRealize Operations to monitor VMware Cloud on AWS.

vRealize Network Insight 3.5
Three things that are included are integration with IPFIX, a new NSX Edge Dashboard and PCI Compliance dashboard.

vCloud Director 9.0
New HTML5 for end user to consume services.  Migration tool for moving workload between on-prem and off-prem.

Day 2

VMware & Pivotal Collaboration with Google Cloud Kubernetes to Enterprise

New Workspace One,-Management-and-Security-Solution-for-All-Endpoint-Platforms.2184896.html

VMware Horizon
New features and improvement on Horizon View and AppVolume with UEM.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Design Released

Yes, the VCAP6.5-DCV Design has been released on 7th Aug 2017.  I was fortunate to be part of the exam creation, and experience the process to understand how much effort and time is put into creating an exam, is never simple.

You can find out the requirement to take this exam. Do read the exam guide to make sure you are up to the level to take this exam.

The exam is targeted at an advanced level that is someone who has the experience above VCP.  I have seen many try to attempt this exam and failed right after their VCP exam.  There is a difference for a reason.  Some have attended the recommended vSphere Design Workshop and mention the exam is not covering what is covered in the workshop.

Do note that this is a certification exam and it is to assess your level of expertise and not your memorize work on a particular course like what we study in schools.  In all certification exams, it is to test on your know-how and knowledge level.

This year, there is a catch, unlike the past version 5.x certification.  If you check out the requirement, you would need VCP6.5-DCV in order to take VCAP6.5-DCV.  It seems that VMware Certification classifies vSphere 6.5 as a major release rather than a minor release.

For those who just passed your renewed your VCP by taking VCP6.0, you are not allowed to take VCAP6.5-DCV.  If you do like to take VCAP6.5-DCV, you will need to pass your VCP6.5-DCV-Delta exam.

I am sure this will create some questions from the ground.  Am not sure the reason behind this but it could be that there are just too many changes between vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.5.

Let just hope that VCAP6.0-DCV will still be available 2 years from the last availability of VCP6.0-DCV since tester can still use a VCAP to upgrade within his 2 years of passing VCP.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

vExpert 2017 Second Half Announcement

The vExpert 2017 second half list is released. There is 105 new vExpert for 2017 on top of the existing 1471 which was previously announced.

Once again congrats to the new vExpert 2017 and hope to see each and everyone again next year.

Check out some of your benefit from the vExpert community forum and if you are heading to VMworld 2017, do check out some of the sponsor booth listed.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

VMware Thinapp Support for Windows 10

Recently I was tasked to do a demo on Thinapp.  I have a Windows XP SP3 32bit running with Thinapp version 4.x.

I did some thinapp on Internet Explore 7, 8 and 9.  Everything was working fine.

Next I spin off a Windows 10 64bit VM and try to run these Internet Explorer thinapp'ed and I got the error below:

Did a Google search and came across information that Windows 10 can only support Internet Explorer 8 and above which I find that weird since Thinapp should be able to support to run as it's a packaged container.

Eventually, I chanced upon Thinapp release notes to discover it only support Windows 10 in version 5.2.0 and 5.2.2 recently support Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  How silly of me not checking out my Thinapp version.

Upon updating my Thinapp on my Windows XP VM and using relink to update my Thinapp Package in the bin, it is now able to run in Windows 10.  Yes, I do not have to run through the prescan and post scan all over with relink.  Check out this KB to see how to relink help in updating your thinapp'ed binary package.

Also for Internet Explorer 8 and above, you might want to check out this KB to include two DLLs into the package when compiling in case it doesn't run on Windows 10.

Now I can run all multiple versions of Internet Explorer from 6 to 8 all in Windows 10.

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