Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VMware Horizon Licensing

Many of the times, many of us get really confused by the different channels of communication of licensing.  In this case for VMware Horizon.

The most confusing part is always Named and Concurrent user license.  In my previously article on Horizon Suite, which is the current Horizon bundle, this has not change.

To keep things simple, I am going to put down the sources and wordings in case any of the sources ever get removed.

From VMware Product Guide, page 56 for Horizon Enterprise:

Active Connection: any connections to Powered On Desktop Virtual Machines, Terminal Services Sessions and physical computers.
Concurrent Users: the total number of users accessing or using the Software at any given time to maintain an Active Connection to their desktop through an endpoint device.
Named User: Your single designated employee or Third Party Agents who have been authorized by You to use the Software in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

The confusion comes when the VMware Product Guide for other products that is part of Horizon bundle e.g. VSAN in page 14:

Concurrent Users: the total number of users accessing or using the Software at any given time.

Notice that this did not state the word "Active Connection".  This is why the meaning of concurrent get everyone confused.

This is how I will summarise the below:
Named User: The number of user that will be using the VDI from your Active Directory entries.
Concurrent Users: A total of active connections at any one time to the Horizon Connection server.

Note: This only applies to VMware Horizon licensing.  For 3rd party VDI on vSphere, this will be based on vSphere Desktop guideline.

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