Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Workspace One and Horizon 7 Release and What's New and What's Not

With the recent announcement release of Workspace One and Horizon 7, this makes more of some repackaging for Workspace One and new version or Horizon View.

What's New?

Workspace One
  • Repackaging of Workspace Suite Blue/Yellow.
  • Integration of vIDM with Airwatch.
  • Comes in on-premise or Cloud Hosted.
  • Come in three editions: Standard, Advanced, Enterprise. Refer to comparison and pricing guide.

Workspace One*
- vIDM
- Socialcast
- Secure Content Locker (View)
- Workspace One Standard
- Airwatch Blue
- Windows 10 Management

- Workspace One Advanced
- Horizon 7 Enterprise
*there is some confusion on the packaging due to the comparison site and pricing guide which will update the information when available.

Horizon 7
  • Support Instant Clone (release in vSphere 6 but not in used by any products)
  • True SSO integration with vIDM
  • Improvement to Blast Extreme protocol available on Horizon Client
  • Blast is more optimized than PCoIP and also support nVidia GRID.
  • Blast leverage on H.264, it better performed and can deliver up to 4K resolution.
  • Intel vDGA support on Intel Xeon E3.
  • AMD mutli-user GPU support (AMD graphics hardware).
  • USB and drive redirection over security server has been improved by up to 50%.

App Volumes 3.0
  • New ala cart App Volumes Standard target at SMB customers.
  • Comes with 3 editions: Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • New Admin UI revamp.

App Volumes
- App Volumes (Basic management capabilities)
- User Environment Manager (UEM)
- App Volumes (Enterprise management capabilities)
- Thinapp
- App Volumes Advanced
- vR Ops for Published Apps

What's not so New?

Workspace One
  • This started off from Project Octopus>Horizon Manager>Horizon Workspace>VMware Workspace>vIDM v1.0>vIDM v2.0
  • The interface has been very clean and login is now very smooth.
  • Customization is easily done and policy based assignment is smoothen out over the iterations.
  • Horizon Data is no longer available since Horizon Workspace.
  • Arranging of Apps is no longer available (hope it will come back next release).

Horizon 7
  • Blast Extreme protocol was only available when you use HTML5 via a browser to access your desktop now is make available on Horizon Client.

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