Friday, October 16, 2015

VMware Horizon 6 Bundle Licensing Confusion

There are some confusion out there on VMware Horizon 6 Bundle.  You can take a look at the available products that are in Horizon Standard, Advanced and Enterprise Edition

Here we will use the Horizon Enterprise bundle as an example as the products which are available in the Advanced Edition will be what we will be going through.

All editions from the bundle except Horizon Standard (only CCU) comes in both Named Users (NU) and Concurrent Users (CCU) licensing.  However there are products in the bundle that has no way in doing a CCU licensing even if you have purchase the CCU licensing.  This is because the way it is used is an active connections or active user and not possible to be a concurrent connection method.

Let's take for example: Horizon View, this can be in NU or CCU.  Reason is simple you can have a fixed number of users who will always access the virtual desktops, that will help with a NU licensing.  However if users are working in shift and sharing the same desktop in e.g. a call center environment, then concurrent connection might be a better licensing and CCU will be more appropriate.  In NU, the user will be tie to the license and replacement can be done once a user leave the company or do not use anymore.  Where CCU licensing, user is not a licensing criteria but rather the active connection that is been connected.  So as a product Horizon View can work in a NU or CCU licensing although in Horizon Standard it does not comes in NU licensing.

Now what products in the bundle will remain NU even if you are on CCU licensing?  They are VMware Identify Manager (vIDM), User Environment Manager (UEM) and Horizon Mirage.  Strangely you might ask.  Let me take Horizon Mirage for explanation since the solution has been there for awhile.

Horizon Mirage is used to managed main physical desktop.  So a user can own many desktops however Horizon Mirage is tie to a user so as long it belongs to one user it will allowed to manage even with one user license.  However since it is managing by user, it will consider this fixed user all the time.  In such, this cannot be use with a CCU licensing.  Unless you always remove the managed device and manage the other user and doing it all over again.  This is a reason why products like Horizon Mirage will remain as NU licensing even in a Horizon Bundle in CCU licensing.

Hope this allows you to plan better in doing a solution for a true End User solution.

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