Monday, August 3, 2015

vSphere 6.0 Web Client Integration Plug-in Bug Fix

So the new vSphere 6.0 has release, what is great on one of the functionality is the web client.  It has always be crawling since it was introduced in vSphere 5.0.  In vSphere 6.0, it was promised with great performance improvement and it was great!

On day 0 daily operations activity, accessing the VM console is essential and often used.  When you launch the vSphere Web Client, you will be at the login page.  Below you will see the link to download the Client Integration Plug-in as shown below:

After installing, you will be able to access the VM console after logging in.  Upon login, you will see the screen below when a VM is selected:

Above you see the screenshot taken from Hands-on-Lab.  To access a VM console you will have selected the VM and on the right you will see the above.  Clicking on "Launch Console", will launch the VM console in a new tab\window of your browser.  However this link is invalid!  So how are you going to use the console?  You must be kidding me!

Now take a deep breath, the answer is simple just click on the Preview image of the console just above of the linked text.  This will open another tab\window so you can access the console.

So now you are in the console as show above, however you find your mouse is not that responsive when you click within the console or is it?  After figuring around, a discovery was found.  As shown above the area shaded in RED, this area has no mouse interaction.  This leave you with a small area to work in a console.  Which means you cannot access any portion shaded at the bottom and right that made up of two third of the whole screen!  Who on earth decided the use of such a console screen?

Now I know you will very piss off.  How on earth did this happen?  Are you stuck now?

The solution here is NOT to install the Client Integration Plug-in.  Instead head over to VMware Download page of vSphere, under Drivers & Tools section, you will see a VMware Remote Console.  Download and install this instead.

So the next time you access the VM console, just use the VMware Remote Console.  This time it will work nicely.

Why did VMware release two different console one as a Plug-in while one is a standalone console?  I have no idea.  But with the VMware Remote Console, you can copy a link to a VM Console and send to someone with VMware Remote Console installed to access it.  Provided they have the credential to the server and vCenter.

Now is to wait for the future release to have this fixed.  For now, at least you can access your VM console and carry on your daily operations activity!

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