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vSphere 6 Hardening Guide Release

With the release of vSphere 6.0 in Mar, the hardening guide is finally announced release today.  There is some different approach via vSphere API which is used in this release to help audit or implement using the guide.

You can also bookmark this page for all the other version vSphere hardening guide.

vExpert 2015 Second Half Announcement

Here I like congrats all new vExpert 2015 with the second half results announced 1 week before VMworld 2015.  Results can be viewed here.
If you are going to VMWorld this year, remember to grab all the freebies for vExpert as well as the meetup just for vExpert.
If you miss the application, look out for the application for vExpert 2016 likely end of this year.

Is VMware vCloud Suite Bundle Becoming Irrelevant?

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a term often used to illustrate the light of abilities to management and monitor your one or multiple data centers whether it is a private, managed or public cloud environment or mixed of anything.  With the ability to also having a centralize platform and ability to automate certain daily operation tasks to create an agile and efficient IT infrastructture.  Instead of having different silos creating the same overheads that once appear when everything was in a physical infrastructure where each applications could still be using a specific hardware set.

In the past, VMware introduced the vCloud Suite to allows customer to build their own cloud.  However with the adoption of mutliple clouds, VMware came up with another bundle.

VMware introduced the vRealize Suite (vR Suite) in both Advanced and Enterprise last year and this comprises of vRealize Operations Suite, Log Insight, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business all in one bundle.

vRealize Su…

vSphere 6.0 Web Client Integration Plug-in Bug Fix

So the new vSphere 6.0 has release, what is great on one of the functionality is the web client.  It has always be crawling since it was introduced in vSphere 5.0.  In vSphere 6.0, it was promised with great performance improvement and it was great!

On day 0 daily operations activity, accessing the VM console is essential and often used.  When you launch the vSphere Web Client, you will be at the login page.  Below you will see the link to download the Client Integration Plug-in as shown below:

After installing, you will be able to access the VM console after logging in.  Upon login, you will see the screen below when a VM is selected:

Above you see the screenshot taken from Hands-on-Lab.  To access a VM console you will have selected the VM and on the right you will see the above.  Clicking on "Launch Console", will launch the VM console in a new tab\window of your browser.  However this link is invalid!  So how are you going to use the console?  You must be kidding me!