Saturday, July 11, 2015

VMware vRealize Operations (vR Ops) Requirements

Decided to fill up the missing information which was not listed in the documentation of vRealize Operations neither was it stated anywhere by anyone in any blog post that I tried to Google around.

Was doing a vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) and wanted to advise customer on the resources required.  Other than the documentation from here or from the vR Ops Installation Guide, it does not state what was provided e.g. the different profile sizes of the vApp is suited for which type of environment other than running the deployment wizard.  This is not very helpful especially when you are doing planning and the only way to get that information is to deploy it.

Upon deploying, you will get to know the disk size that vR Ops will use.   Based on documentation, was 250GB however in the wizard it shows 1.4GB for thin provisioned and 266GB for thick provisioned.

 vSphere Client

 vSphere Web Client

There are four profile sizes of the vR Ops vApp namely: extra small, small, Medium, Large.  You will find the sizes resources requirements from the sources provided above. Each profile is suited for what type of environment is only found here in the wizard.

vR Ops vApp
Extra Small:below 2000 VMs (not supported for production usage but mainly for testing)
Small: not more than 2000 VMs
Medium: Between 2000 - 4000 VMs
Large: 4000 VMs and above

Remote Collector
Standard: small to medium (I am assuming it is referring to the profile size of the above)
Large: Large environment

 vSphere Client showing small vApp

 vSphere Web Client showing small vApp

Some Gotcha here.  During the deployment in the wizard, you will need to enter your networking settings.  On the vSphere Client, this was not an issue it was ver clear.  However on the vSphere Web Client, this is not that obvious.  You will need to expand out to see it.  If you did not take not you will miss this portion as shown below:

vSphere Web Client requires to expand to show network setting
 vSphere Web Client showing the network setting

Running out of Disk Space?
What if you run out of space for your vR Ops vApp?  The procedures of increasing the disk size is stated here.  It is fairly easy by just shutting down the vApp and expanding the vDisk 2 or adding a new vDisk and powering up and everything will be automatically detected.  That definitely make life easier without having to bother to configure later.

Network Ports
Some environment require vR Ops to be placed in another network no similar to vCenter.  This would require the need of opening some firewall ports which are all listed here.

Update 15th Jul 2015
Apparently there is a sizing guide in this KB but not updated as of 6.0.1.

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