Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thinapp Assignment in Horizon View Access Denied

Finally upgrade my home lab with vSphere 6.0 and Horizon 6.1.  Have to perform a demonstration to my customer how to assign Thinapp easily via the Horizon View Admin portal.  Guess what, luck never on my side and hit with lots of issues.

This issue comes with lots of testing.  The error I encounter after assignment was HRESULT hr = 0×80070005. Access is denied.  Doing a few Google didn't bring me nowhere.  Assignment installation failed.

Let me just walk through what I have done:
  • Package a few Thinapp packages with editing of Package.ini mainly the MSI settings since I am doing a assignment from Horizon View Admin Portal.  Read more here.
  • Place them in a file share with permission to VDI users (yes make sure the VDI users can access those folders)
  • In Horizon View Admin portal, scan the repository for the Thinapp, make sure the .msi and .exe and .dat (if you are streaming and app is too big to build into .exe file) in the same folder in the repository. 
  • Assigned the Thinapp to my desktop pool.
  • Logon to one desktop that is part of the pool, check in Horizon View Admin portal on Thinapp and saw the screen shot as shown.
I know this is some permission problem but did not know where to start.  I checked the MSI settings and rebuild the Thinapp multiple times.

I came across this article, point 2 sound like something I never tried before.  I decide to give it a try, if it could be Local System account doesn't have rights to install on the virtual desktops which make sense here.

I create a service account (make sure it has local admin rights on the View Connection server else the service will not start) for View Connection Server.

This time round my Thinapp got installed successfully!  Horizon View Connection Server service is the one that trigger the Thinapp push down to the assigned desktop.  If it is by default installation, the service is assigned to Local System.  This "account" has log in rights for the local OS it is running on.  In such, it does not have rights to perform log on to a remote desktop.  Having to create a domain account and use it to run the Horizon View Server service, now I have an account that has rights to log on to the remote desktop.

Do note that, if you have already create any Application Pool or Desktop Pool, all your entitlement will be lost, you will need to entitle the rights again.

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