Monday, February 9, 2015

VMware 2015 Certification Roadmap

With the new year of 2015, VMware education also did some amendments to their certification roadmap to adapt to the industry requirements.  However there isn't a big change but one major one I see is the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) has been renamed to VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX).  You can view more details here.  The roadmap diagram is as below:

You can also find the more updated charts for version 5 and version 6 here.

In fact I was seeing this coming since under Network Virtualization track it has already started with VCIX.

Although VCIX6-NV started with only an administration exam, I believe all tracks will contain both design and administration exam as mentioned under VCIX section.

The other change would be under the Cloud Management & Automation track where there are two different VMware Certified Associate (VCA) but only one VMware Certified Professional (VCP) track.  This will be focused on VMware vRealize Automation and no longer focused on VMware vCloud Director.

Many are confused with the new name VCIX and thinking it only contain administration exam due to the word "Implementation".  However this is not true, it will contain two exams one for Administration and one for design similar to the original VCAP.

To help in the prerequisites, refer to the solution track diagram.  Choose a track and follows the previously requirements.

VCA can be taken without any prerequisites.  Exam can be done anyway and it's online.  There is no need to take the exam at a test center.  Suitable for any business function individual who is new to VMware solutions and accredited their understanding.

VCP, you will need a qualifying course (normally a 5 days course) and an relevant VCP exam.  In additional an online foundation exam is required (not sure what this online foundation exam does, but I believe upon passing will you be authorize to book a VCP exam).

VCIX, you would need to obtain VCP of the appropriate track before seeking an authorization to attempt.  To be granted VCIX, you MUST complete two exams; Design and administration.
Certification requirements: VCP Certification + VCIX Design exam + VCIX Administration exam.
The exam for each is also shorten to 2 hours instead of 4 hours previously in VCAP.  A total of 4 hours (2 exams x 2 hours) is required to achieved VCIX.

For VCDX, upon completion of VCIX certification, you will be granted to attempt VCDX with a submission of a design proposal and upon passing the assessment will you be granted a slot to a defense panel to be certified this title provided passing the defense.

Hope this clarify everyone confusion.

If VMware Education follows the same as below, I would see the follow but this is not confirmed and I will update this once I have more information:
For those who are like me who already obtain certain certification, I believe there will be a an upgrade by taking the relevant exams e.g. VCP6-DCV from VCP5-DCV without any course for a short period of time before a What's New course is required.

For VCAP, this is now a grey area since VCIX requires two exams to be achievable.  For those owning only one VCAP, they might be required to complete both exams to achieved VCIX.  No information is provided at time of writing and I will update once I have more information.

For renewal of VCDX, this will be something new since in the past, VCIX will only need to complete VCAP Design.

With all the changes, the same rules applies, any certification will be valid for 2 years from the last certification achieved from VCP and above.  Within the 2 years period, another certification from VCP and above needs to be obtained else all certifications under one's name will be revoked.

Update 24th Mar 2015
Version 5 to Version 6 certification upgrade/migration path announced.  Here is a simple explanation.

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