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VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 What's New

With the announcement of vSphere 6.0, comes Virtual SAN (VSAN) 6.0 the next release of VSAN since 5.5.

This makes several improvement and I will be listing them here and do note of the differences as there are some improvement with changes to existing VSAN 5.5.

To start clear, we need to know the terms right.  You will often hear Hybrid VSAN and All-Flash VSAN.  Hybrid is not new.  Since VSAN 5.5, it is always in Hybrid VSAN.  What it means it's a mixed of Flash or Solid State Harddisk (SSD) for cache and Magnetic Disk (MD) for persistent data.

What about All-Flash, this is new in VSAN 6.0.  There will be no MD but make of all Flash/SSD for flash and SSD for persistent.

source: VMware, Inc
In VSAN 5.5, the cache read/write ratio was 70/30.  This is fixed and cannot be changed.  Of course in a VDI environment, this will be less favorable though it is using flash/SDD for cache since only 30% of the cache is used for write cache in a write intensive VDI environment.

In VSAN 6.0, th…

VMware 2015 Certification Roadmap

With the new year of 2015, VMware education also did some amendments to their certification roadmap to adapt to the industry requirements.  However there isn't a big change but one major one I see is the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) has been renamed to VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX).  You can view more details here.  The roadmap diagram is as below:

You can also find the more updated charts for version 5 and version 6 here.

In fact I was seeing this coming since under Network Virtualization track it has already started with VCIX.

Although VCIX6-NV started with only an administration exam, I believe all tracks will contain both design and administration exam as mentioned under VCIX section.

The other change would be under the Cloud Management & Automation track where there are two different VMware Certified Associate (VCA) but only one VMware Certified Professional (VCP) track.  This will be focused on VMware vRealize Automation and no longer foc…

Announced of VMware vExpert 2015

For those who are not aware, the application for vExpert 2015 started in November 2014 and today it was announced.  A total of 1028 individuals this time!  That was a big increased from last year 754 at the start of 2014 and 581 from 2013.

For those who are new to vExpert, you can follow the update that are entitled to you throughout the year and posted in this community page log into based on your email ID.  Many vendors each with their respective way to reward vExpert either via a NFR use their product or a free T-shirt.

For those who have missed the application, this year however there were no news of quarterly application mentioned like last year.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work and carry on the contribution you have been doing to be rewarded this accreditation year after year.

Once again, congratulation to all individuals. Keep it going!

If you missed it, do check out the next application date, which has yet to be announced.

Some benefits listed below:

You will receive an ema…

The Long Wait is Over!

The start of February also mark the great launch today by VMware.  Another milestone achieve with more to look forward to which will change the way things will run in an infrastructure.

Today has been the long awaiting launch of vSphere 6.0 (which many thought was during vSphere 5.5 but finally it made it), there are also some changes to some add-on products changes as well as bundle update.

The General Availability (GA) for vSphere will be in Mar 2015.  The training courses are found here.

What's New

vCloud Suite will be updates with vSphere 6.0 and vCloud Director and vCloud Network & Security will be deprecated as announced last year and no longer seen in this bundle.  This also get updated with the new vRealize Operations (vROps) Suite to 6.

vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) will be updated to 6.0 which include vSphere 6.0 and vRealize Operations (vROps) 6.0.  Finally those on vSOM 5.5 have been asking for vROps 6.0 has been granted their wishes.

VMware Data Protecti…