Tuesday, August 26, 2014

VMware World 2014 SFO Day 1 What's New!

With VMware World 2014 at San Francisco there are so many great news and one of them is VMware EVO:RAIL.  A hardware appliance that comes in 2U and have up to 4 nodes and expandable to 4 appliance.  Read this article.  Also in a tech preview is EVO:RACK which you can read more about it here.

You might have thought, is VMware selling hardware?  Nope you will purchase from VMware partners and not from VMware.  This is build from bottom up tuned to fit vSphere with vCenter LogInsight and Virtual SAN.

You can take a look at the interface of how VMware EVO:RAIL interface looks like here.

Next the vRealize Suite which was announced which comprises of vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Operations Management Suite and IT Business Management which available for outside the vCloud Suite customers or non VMware customers who need a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

This also add to vRealize Air with beta sign up.  This enables customer on to experience vRealize as a SaaS with automation and management through vRealize with service catalog, policies and governance assignments and lifecycle management.

A container adoption with Docker, Pivotal and Google for the public and private cloud and even hybrid cloud environment.  Where applications on a common platform can be scale easily.  This will run on vCloud Air as well can be deploy via vCloud Automation Center.  Read more here.

Also the announcement of Openstack open source cloud framework support.  This comprises the use of vSphere for compute, NSX for network and vSphere Storage (for now is Virtual SAN) for storage and vCloud Automation Center with vCenter Operations Management Suite for the automation and management piece together with Open IAAS APIs to build a VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO).

With a rebranding of vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) to vCloud Air.  With beta offering for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand where you can sign up here.

The new bundling of VMware Workspace Suite which includes Workspace Portal, Horizon 6 Enterprise, AirWatch Secure Content Locker Collaboration (SCL) and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management.  The VMware Workspace Suite contains AirWatch Yellow Enterprise Mobility Management which you can find out what is the different between the colours edition here.  Licensing for Workspace Management Suite will be by per named user licensing with up to 3 devices applicable for the AirWatch Management Suite.

With more partners with NSX integrations and more Hybrid Cloud partnering with Application services from Dockers and Pivotal, there are just more to come on Day 2...

Update 27th Aug 2014
- Container Adoption with Docker, Pivotal and Google

Update 30th Aug 2014
- Added Workspace Suite detail on AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management
- Licensing on Workspace Suite

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