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VMware Support and Severity

Seeing several occasions where many are not sure what to do when logging a support call.  Depending on your support that you have purchase which comes in the follow: Basic Support, Production Support, Business Critical Support (BCS) & Mission Critical Support (MCS).  You can compare the support types at here.

You can log a call via two ways 1) online via myVMware, 2) phone providing your Customer Number.

Now first you need to know the support landing page here.  Here you see three options and all of them will bring you to login your myVMware account.  That would be simple assuming you have the rights to the licenses and you will see your customer number in the portal.  You will then be able to log a support case easily.  You can follow this guide here to learn how to log a online support ticket.

What if you do not have the rights to view the licenses but you manage to get the customer number from a co-worker who has it but he is off duty.  Simple you can log a case via phone with…