Monday, July 1, 2013

VMware Network Diagram for vSphere 5.x (2054806)

Have you ever wonder or encounter when asked about network ports requirements for each and individual solutions from VMware?  Whether as a presales, an architect or even a VMware support engineer.

No fear!  VMware has just release a very informative network diagram show casing all the network ports and communications in between vSphere and vCloud Director components in a diagram format which makes it easier to understand than just text based.

The only catch?  This is based on the current release at the time of writing and likely it would not be updated as frequent so you might have to do your own updating whenever a new release is out.

At least it's better than none and going through all the installation guides or KBs would be a killer.
Now you can spend more time doing other things.

Here is the KB to the network diagram.  This is based on four other KBs as listed:

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