Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VMware vExpert 2013 announced!

The results of the vExpert 2013 accreditation is released!  A list of the people are listed here.  I am glad to be part of this accreditation again for the 2nd time.

For those who have achieved vExpert 2013, Tintri is offering a free T-shirt to congrats all of you here. (This has ended.)

I have shared my first experience in my previous post, those who are motivated to be one do start doing some contribution to the community.  You can be a technology evangelist or even a blogger or just a forum participants who contribute back to the communities.

Sharing is caring and we live by these communities to have our life in any roles in the virtualization space and be awarded with this accreditation.

I also like to thank all those who have supported my blog and YouTube channel and hope to continue to produce useful articles to the community.

Once again congratulation to all the vExperts!

More freebies for vExpert.  For all vExpert please refer to the community discussions.

Update 4th Jun 2013
I got know another benefit for vExpert 2013 from TrainSignal for a year.  Register here.

Update 12th Jun 2013
Nutanix is giving out a pint glass posted in their Facebook post also documented here.  I think the registration will end before VMworld 2013 on 26th Aug 2013.
Proximaldata is giving out 1 year free trial for their AutoCache.

Update 7th Aug 2013
Another reward for vExpert a Raspberry Pi!  Quick register before 12th Aug 2013 to get yours.
Another vExpert Dawood is giving out a vExpert sticker out of his own for all vExperts.  A very good gesture from him.
There is a vExpert clothing store here.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1 FAQ Explanation

Was asked by few customers confused on Site Recovery Manager (SRM) compatibility with vSphere Essential Plus.  And I thought I do make a explanation to clear this confusion which I was able to find the documents stating it.  Also refer to my previous post on vCenter Editions to understand the different editions of vCenter.

First and foremost,  the current release of SRM at the time of writing is 5.1.1.  SRM must work with same version of vCenter.  So if your vCenter is 5.0, you can only run SRM 5.0.  In order to run SRM 5.1, you need to upgrade only your vCenter to 5.1 while vSphere can remain any version that is supported by vCenter 5.1.  In this case, vSphere 4.x and above.  You can check out the interoperability using the site here.  Here is an example:

Next, we know that SRM 5.1 support vSphere Essential Plus.  That is true however if you are using a lower version of SRM, vSphere Essential Plus is not supported.  ONLY SRM 5.1 supports vSphere Essential Plus.  Read the SRM FAQ guide on page 3 and page 5.

To find out the vSphere edition supported, you can refer to this site.  Below is an example:

With the vSphere supported, there is the question that goes to vCenter edition.  As we know there are 3 favours of vCenter, Essential (from Essential or Essential Plus kit), Foundation (limited to 3 hosts) and Standard (no limitation).  SRM 5.1 will support all 3 editions of vCenter but any version of SRM prior to 5.1, will only support vCenter Foundation and Standard Edition ONLY.  This is due to the support form SRM 5.1 on vSphere Essential Plus for that vCenter Essential is supported.

If you are run Essential Plus at both Protected and Recovery site, this is supported on SRM 5.1 with vCenter 5.1.

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