Wednesday, April 3, 2013

VMware Horizon View HTML5 Blast Desktop Access Timeout

Today I encounter a problem with my Home lab.  As you know I have set up Horizon Workspace with Horizon View integration completed.  Horizon View with Feature Pack 1.  Everything was working fine I was able to access via PCoIP via the Horizon View client as well as via HTML5 via the Blast protocol.

However yesterday, I did a re-installation of my Horizon View Security Server.  Today when I was trying to access my desktop via HTML5 or via Horizon Workspace through HTML it all fail.

I receive timeout on connecting to the desktop.  So I tested with Horizon View Client and it works.  So I have isolate this to be Blast connection related only.

Here you see on my browser I enabled Firebug to trace the connection and realize it stop there with a blank screen of the Blast.

After few seconds later, I get a connection time out.

I decide to recall what has changed in my environment and notice what I did yesterday.  So what connect back to my Horizon View Security Server and check on the Firewall rules and saw the below:

That is the problem!  If you refer to my previous post VMware Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 1, I mentioned about the firewall rules.

So what happen when you do a re-installation of Horizon View Security binary, the firewall rule will be disabled which is the setup default for Blast when doing installation.

So now you know Horizon View binary does not keep your firewall rules, it overrides to the binary default.  So next time if you do a re-installation, please remember to check the firewall rules again.

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