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VMware Horizon Suite License - All You Need to Know

As of 1st June 2013, VMware Horizon Suite adds a new licensing type for Concurrent user.

With the launch of VMware Horizon Suite, arises many questions on licensing.  Here I have summarize some of the scenarios of licensing which will help you understand better.

First we need to understand what is in the Suite.  VMware Horizon Suite comprises of Horizon Workspace, Horizon View and Horizon Mirage.  Each has its own licensing if purchase ala cart.

Horizon Workspace - Named User
Horizon View - Concurrent User
Horizon Mirage - Named User

From VMware Product Guide:
Named User - Means your employee or Third Party Agent who has been authorized by You to use the Software in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Named User - Specified user that is licensed to used the software.  No sharing licenses among users. License can be transfer to a new user if previous leave the company.

From VMware Product Guide:
Concurrent User -  Means the total number of users accessing or using the Software at any given time to maintain an Active Connection to their workspace or desktop through an endpoint device.

Concurrent User - Irregardless who is the user, the total active connections at any time to a powered on virtual desktop from an endpoint does not exceed the number of licenses purchased.

To better understand here is an example:
If you have 300 users in your environment, but only 150 users are log on anyone time.  You will need:
Named User = 300 users.
Concurrent User = 150 users.

Current customer who are using Horizon App Manager, VMware Mirage, VMware View and VMware Thinapp, has an option to upgrade which can be found in this whitepaper.  The only different here is VMware View customer can trade up from one concurrent user to two named users licenses when upgrading to Horizon Suite.

Do note that Thinapp is no longer available as an ala cart option.  It is now bundle with Horizon Suite or any of the three modules as ala cart purchase.  VMware workstation in Horizon Suite/Workspace/View is licensed to just do Thinapp packaging.  While VMware Fusion Pro in Horizon Mirage is used as end point management for Mac end point running a copy of Windows that is managed by Horizon Mirage.

You can refer to this site.
Bundle or Suite
Type of License
  Horizon View
  • Horizon View
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • vSphere for Desktop
  • vCenter for Desktop
  Concurrent User
  Horizon Mirage
  • Horizon Mirage
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • Fusion Pro
  Named User
  Horizon Workspace
  • Horizon Workspace
  • ThinApp
  • Workstation *
  • Horizon Mobile for Android
  Named User
  Horizon Suite All three smaller bundles:
  • Horizon View
  • Horizon Mirage
  • Horizon Workspace
  Named User or Concurrent User
* In all Horizon bundles and the suite, VMware Workstation is licensed for the creation of virtual machines for the ThinApp capture-and-build process. Workstation is not licensed for creating virtual machines for users. VMware Fusion Pro in the Horizon Mirage bundle is intended for the creation of virtual machines for users, and Horizon Mirage can manage those Fusion virtual machines.

A KB relating to Horizon Suite licensing can also be found here.

Scenario 1
10 users who need Horizon Workspace or Horizon Mirage or Horizon View only.

You can purchase 10 named users of Horizon Workspace/Mirage/View or Horizon Suite.

Scenario 2
10 users who need Horizon Workspace and also using Horizon View.

You need 10 named users of Horizon Suite OR you can purchase 10 named users for Horizon Workspace and 10 concurrent users of Horizon View.  Definitely going Horizon Suite will be cheaper only caveat is Horizon View will be different in a Named User instead of Concurrent User in a Horizon Suite Named User licensing type.

Scenario 3
10 users who need Horizon Workspace and 5 users using Horizon View and 5 users using Horizon Mirage.

If all the same 10 users use Horizon Workspace then you can use 10 Named Users for Horizon Suite.

If user who are using Horizon Workspace but are not the same users using Horizon Mirage/View, then you would need to purchase ala cart for that matter as the Horizon Suite license cannot be split up.

Scenario 4
10 users using Horizon Workspace.  The same 10 users will be using Horizon View where 5 of them are using dedicated persistent desktop and will be manage by Horizon Mirage and rest are using Floating Pool desktops.

You would only need 10 Named Users for Horizon Suite.  The 10 users are allowed to use either or all of the 3 components of Horizon Suite.

Scenario 4 (New)
10 user using Horizon Workspace and View/Mirage however only 5 users at anytime will be using.

With the new Horizon Suite concurrent user licensing, you can purchase Horizon Suite with concurrent users.

In summary,  you can choose to purchase ala cart or suite and you can mixed and match the different license type in the new Horizon Suite named user and concurrent user to meet your environment requirements.

For Horizon Suite, each Named User consist of 1 license for Horizon Workspace, Horizon View, Horizon Mirage and Thinapp for that particular Named User.  It cannot be separated for different user.  This applies the same for concurrent user type.

Lastly where should I run all the management workload?  If you are only implementing everything other than Horizon View, you would need to host this in vSphere for server.  However if you have purchase the suite or you have vSphere for Desktop, you are allow to host any portion of the Horizon solutions in vSphere for Desktop.  This can be read from the document here in page 14.

Update 19th Apr 2013
Added and example to explain Named and Concurrent user.

Update 3rd May 2013
Added vSphere for Desktop licensing.

Update 5th Jun 2013
Added the new licensing announcement for Horizon Suite concurrent user and a scenario to illustrate it.

Update 3rd Mar 2014
Added in VMware Product Guide which contains VMware definition.

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