Monday, March 18, 2013

Horizon View 5.2 Desktops Plug-in to vSphere Web Client Tech Preview

With the release of vSphere 5.1 Web Client and Horizon View 5.2 there came about some integration which was not really mentioned and talked about.

However for those techies who are eager to try or test out new functionality there is something "hidden" in the installation folders of Horizon View Connection Server and the folder is named TechPreview.

So what is this about?  Typically you do not get Tech Preview codes in the public.  This is actually a Horizon View Desktops Plug-in integration with vSphere Web Client.

So let us go through the installation guide how this can be done and its documented here.  You can also refer to the Horizon View 5.2 Installation document page 113.

As you follow the steps, there are some catchas you need to watch out and I have listed the below for you.

In Section: Configure View to Recognize the vCenter Lookup Service

Step 2:
On setting the JAVA Home the document state:
set JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\jre

You will encounter the following error "The system cannot find the path specified... "
 Reason you see this is the path cannot contain spaces for the folders.  So either you use a 8 characters workaround like I did here, or you can include a \/ syntax for space.

The corrected syntax should be:
>set JAVA_HOME=c:\Progra~1\VMware\VMwar~2\Server\jre
~1 refer to the first list of any folders starting with "Progra"
~2 refer to the 2nd list of any folders starting with "VMware"

You will then request to key in the adminstrator password used in the Step 3 syntax.
>regtool.cmd configureLookupService -u domain -ld https://lookup-server:7444/lookupservice/sdk

Note: The command syntax are case sensitive. 

You will need to go through to get the security thumbprint in order to perform Step 4.

In Section: Register the View Desktops Plug-in

On Step 2,
>regtool.cmd register -u view-admin@domain -lu sso-admin@domain

Note that the SSO Admin id is case sensitive if you are using the default is should be Admin@Domain-System

After everything is setup correctly, you will see the below and be able to search for users and relate to the desktop they are using.

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